The Future of Workplace - KLCC Office Space

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The Future of Workplace – KLCC Office Space

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The Future of Workplace
New workforce generations are giving the workplace revolution renewed life, more urban and mobile.

The future is urbane

The suburbs-versus-cities debate about work’s preferred locations masks how both are densifying around transit and encouraging people to leave their cars and walk or bike. Wellness and resilience figure in this shift, but the bigger issue is the need to mix uses to attract the best tenants and enhance their performance. Pairing work with other activities adds urbanity and amenity, and makes development easier to finance.

TREND 01-Corporate Campuses
Redefining the idea of “campus”

Location is a bigger issue today as companies weigh their workplace needs against the preferences of a workforce that’s in flux. Vertical campuses and repositioned large-floorplate industrial buildings in the urban core will have an edge with Millennials. Yet the traditional corporate campus persists, reflecting the importance of “everyone under one roof” to boost productivity. Whatever the location and format, campuses will promote wellness, integrate and leverage smart technology to increase building performance. But often they’ll do more—adding complementary, even community-serving uses and amenities, and melding non-office and office work together to drive innovation. The form campuses and buildings takes helps forge a strong identity to reinforce corporate culture.

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