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5 Things CEO’s Want from their Office Space

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Objectives for a New Office Space

Some of my best blog posts are often simple and summarize real conversations with real clients. Just this week I sat down with the CEO of a NYSE publicly traded company who has retained me to assist in identifying and securing a new location for their corporate headquarters.

While we discussed many important location and building selection criteria. I asked him to summarize his key objectives in securing new office space for their corporate headquarters.

I want our new office space to:

  • Reflect the proper, as well as a positive image on the company to clients, investors, partners and employees.
  • Enhance our ability to attract and retain key talent.
  • Demonstrate to our employees we are concerned about their health and wellbeing, (i.e. natural light, amenities and security).
  • Be designed to enhance collaboration and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Be impressive, yet not overly lavish (i.e. cost effective).

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